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ROBLOXians With Attitudes is BACK, with a NEW SONG!
Fuck the admins coming straight from the fucking forums
I got banned because I was consumed with boredom
And not another reason that ReeseMcBlox thinks
She has the right to ban me on fucking sight!
Fuck all of you 'cause I ain't the one
That started talking shit about the games in the front
All them motherfuckers overuse free models
They were all infected I got a spray bottle!
Fucking with me 'cause I'm a teenager
Reporting all them fucking online daters
Hacking my account, stealing all my ROBUX
I file charges but they don't give two fucks
You'd rather have the time to traumatize my girlfriend
Now that is some bullshit you can't defend!
Beastiness and Cybertrynix
Will hunt your ass and tear it to bits!
All you motherfuckers get slaughtered
Making my profit off of ice cold water
I'm pretty sure that the admins are fags
Making a game that always fucking lags!
I remember the day I met TheOfficialAxe
Man it was such a shame that he got hacked
I spent my ban time in exile
I appeal and all of you fucks are in denial
I can't wait til Minecraft takes over
Maybe that'll expunge all our fucking ODers
I report them all and ROBLOX doesn't do shit
I can't understand why ROBLOX is a hit
Maybe if I hacked the whole system something would show up
But then all them fucks would tell me to grow up
But the time that comes is in a fucking delay
Guys I think I have something to say!
Mod 1:
Got another report about some random bullshit!
Mod 2:
Ban that fucker!
Mod 1:
Yeah I definitely will!
Mod 2:
That fucker gets banned for life!
Mod 1:
Yeah he's such a faggot!
Tropic Thunder, will you please give your testimony to the jury about this fucked up incident?
Fuck the admins because they're not acting orderly
They aren't even doing the ban system accordingly
The ODer problem is a majority
Maybe they should have to listen to authority
I know a lot of you will agree with me
If you don't then you're gonna have to kiss me
ROBLOX has gotten really fucked up
If we don't do anything nobody will save us
I drop in a bunch of nitric acid
Into your game infecting all your assets
You're able to run but you cannot hide
So why are you even wasting my time?
I hate to deal with the fucking mods
They claim that I need to show them some fucking docs
Do they know not everyone's American?
Because if they don't they're ignorant
Now fuck the fuck out of the fucking mods
If I have to I'll spam the chat box with bots
Because ROBLOX mods are fucking trash
They can't fix a game that will fucking crash
Maybe I should start fucking up their lives
By posting on the forums acting so not nice
Everybody knows that it hurts their hearts
Everybody has an opinion, mine is in 3 parts
First one goes a little bit like fuck
While the others go like you ROBLOX!
You better know who the fuck your messing with
Because I'm about as strong as a monolith
So you better calm your tits if you got nothing to do
And if you hate me then I'll just fucking screw you
But that might make me a little bit gay
But nonetheless I got something to say
Mod 1:
Oh look what we got here! Another dumbass report!
Mod 2:
Ban them for a long time!
Mod 1:
Will do!
Mod 2:
Yes. This will teach them!
Mod 1:
Hahahahahahaha! You deserved it you fucker!
Foxziekins, can you step up to the stand and tell the jury about this bullshit?
Fuck the admins because they're punk motherfuckers
They ban people like they're fucking drunkards
I try to reason it out with the ROBLOX support team
But they don't listen and it makes me wanna scream
I can't believe they moderate the forums
Because that idea is fucking dumb
And when I report the admins don't give a shit
It looks like these mods took a big fucking hit
This is another chapter of the FTampa
People getting killed at the speed of the panda
The ROBLOX population is about to go extinct
Because the mods are starting to stink
When me Mr. T and Homie B
Start killing all your fucking bitch ass team
We're not even trying to cause a scene
But all of that shit I said was irony
Fuck all of them admin abusing little faggots
Thinking they have the authority with badges
Fuckers always try to get me banned
When I know I can fucking get them all canned
I can't really think this something they'll understand
All you fuckers right here, give me a hand
I know you're gonna take me to banland
But when you do this is the shit that I will chant...
The jury has found you guilty for being an abusive shithead fucking white supremacist group of motherfuckers!
Mod 3:
But wait, that's a lie, that's a god damn lie!
Get them all out of here!
Mod 4:
I want justice!
Get them all the fuck out of my face!
Mod 5:
I want justice!
Out, right now!
Mod 6:
Fuck you, you noobish motherfuckers!