Redtube Frustrations - Guy & Harley Podcast Ep 44 [Video]

Redtube Frustrations - Guy & Harley Podcast Ep 44 [Video]:
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On this episode we talk about the dangers of porn not loading properly and what we've been up to while our girlfriends are out of the house (the two may be related).
Harley talks about his latest audition, while Guy speculates on why he no longer gets auditions and recounts the time he butchered one on account of performance anxiety (we've all been there). We also have our first official guest on the show 'Will Fleming' from 'My Kiwi Life' the new Podcast currently at number 4 on NZ iTunes.
Plus Harley sent a special tweet to his hero Neil deGrasse Tyson which may have backfired and Guy breaks down the current developments in Pigville's filmmaking world.