9 Undersized Reasons Why Small Boobs Are Better Than Big Boobs [Video]

9 Undersized Reasons Why Small Boobs Are Better Than Big Boobs [Video]:
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Four things that in my experience guys seem to find sexy in women are: an ability to sing (like Beyonce), dance in a way that arouses an instant movement below the belt (like Beyonce), a volumshous hiney (like Beyonce), and a pair of good old fashion big boobs (like Beyonce).
Unfortunately, some girls are shit singers, some have two left feet, some have butt cheeks that blend into their legs, and some have tiny tits, cheers Bey! I fall within all four of these categories. With jugs more proportionate to an espresso cup it’s a wonder why I’m still single…
However, this is not an article to bring shame to girls like myself. No, on the contrary, it is to be a voice for small bosomed girls everywhere. Telling you to ditch the padding and embrace the tiny tots we have been dealt.
We all know the saying ‘this is Mary-Kate and this is Ashley’. Well, isn’t it best to have a chest comprising of the twins when they were small, rather than grown up? That is if your chest is reflective of their career. The kids were cute as hell when they were young and now their careers are just sagging.
To quote L’Oreal your boobs are ‘worth it!’ Here are a few reasons to help you realise why..
1. You can wear a seatbelt without cutting your boobs in half.
2. You never look like you are wearing an outfit just to show off your assets and look like a slut
3. You can bounce up and down for as long as you like without them hurting. Yes you dirtied minded people i’m talking about sex. What else?
4. When it’s your turn to go underneath they stay perky and don’t spill out to each side.
5. You can wear vest tops without the worry of sagging.
6. Although you’d feel more comfortable wearing one if you forgot your sports bra it wouldn’t be the end of the world.
7. No back pain
8. Some people actually prefer small boobs. Others just love boobs in a all shapes and sizes.
See ladies, good things come in small packages! For the larger breasted ladies of the world, here’s a